THRIVE is currently working in The Set, Delray Beach, Florida (


The Set is a 2 square mile community of approximately 1,000 acres in the heart of Delray Beach. It is home to the majority of Delray’s minority population and one fifth of Delray’s overall population.


This strong and resilient community is known for its historical roots, community leaders, multi-generational families, and tight-knit social fabric.


The Set also makes up the majority of Delray Beach’s vulnerable footprint which is economically depressed- more than 68% of households and 78% of children live below the poverty line (Community Commons, 2017).






THRIVE is supporting infrastructure and resource development for a civic association and coalition of partners guiding area revitalization.

The mission of The Coalition is to advance redevelopment and improve the economic, social and cultural future of the West Atlantic Community. ​The West Atlantic Redevelopment Coalition (The Coalition) was established in 1996.

As a grassroots, community lead organization it serves as a well-trusted advocate for the residents of the surrounding community and the backbone agency for a coalition of strategic partners working to implement a community driven area revitalization plan (The Set Transformation Plan).

The coalition and its strategic partners work together to develop projects, implement the projects, and evaluate the projects all while staying accountable and working with/ not for the community.


Current Projects are in the areas of Housing & Health, Education & Pipeline Development, Economic Mobility & Job Growth, Policy. Includes grassroots initiatives and research based models.

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