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THRIVE lends capacity to community-led efforts/initiatives and connects organized community power to networks of advantage. Thrive teaches established individuals, organizations, and institutions how to share advantage for mutually beneficial outcomes.

our Services

Historical Research and Story Mapping
Gather data (and stories) across systems and
match to current and historical narratives.

Asset Mapping & Stakeholder Engagement

Identify and create a network of community assets - the talents, skills and passions of the people; their places and spaces; and their economy.

Community Planning & North Star Identification

Develop a community analysis and implementation plan to guide community-led, regenerative, revitalization efforts.

Coalition Building

Ensure community accountability and capacity while building strategic partnerships and outsider allies.

Racial Equity Training and Consultation

Develop specific courses of action based on individual and organizational needs and coordinate antiracism efforts.

Resource Development and Donor Advising

Support White communities and advantaged communities in the learning process to promote investment in marginalized communities, rather than traditional toxic charity and volunteerism.

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